SKL Trading Earns CertiK KYC Gold Badge

SKL Trading
2 min readNov 13, 2023


SKL Trading is proud to announce that it has successfully passed CertiK’s thorough verification and due diligence process, and received an official KYC Gold Badge.

CertiK is the leading provider of blockchain security and advisory services for Web3 organizations, with a comprehensive suite of security solutions. CertiK’s KYC rigorous verification process identifies the team behind a project and evaluates its trustworthiness. The includes identification of the entire core team, as well as a thorough individual background investigation. This information is then reviewed by CertiK’s team of experienced former intelligence and law enforcement investigators, who conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the project’s team. The fact that the entire core team was verified and vetted by CertiK provides enhanced safety and security for the SKL team, its users, and partners. Throughout the whole process, private information is kept secure and never shared with unauthorized parties.

A CertiK KYC badge is a valuable tool for investors and users of blockchain projects. It provides assurance that the team behind the project is compliant with the highest verification standards, and serves as a powerful signal to the market that the project is legitimate and trustworthy. It also protects the project against insider threats, and the risk of privacy violations. The SKL team is committed to providing the highest level of security and trustworthiness to its users, partners, and investors. In addition to the CertiK KYC badge, the SKL team has also earned its spot on the CertiK Security Leaderboard and the Verified Teams Leaderboard. The team encourages all users and investors to take the time to verify the project’s credentials along with valuable due diligence insights on SKL Trading.



The SKL Trading Team

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